The four crucial elements to every successful multifamily development brand

Creating a brand is a lot like developing a building. While a sexy rendering is what gets everyone excited, it means nothing without a strong foundation.

Similarly, when it comes to branding it makes no sense to jump right into print ads, brochure and website mockups without developing your core foundational elements. That would be like starting work on the 30th floor before you’ve built the first.

Here are the four foundational elements every effective luxury multifamily development brand needs to start with:

Brand Character: The character is the personality of the brand. The goal is to turn your development into a living, breathing, thinking and feeling individual. The more you can bring your brand character to life, the easier it will be to know how your brand will carry itself no matter what.

Brand Voice: Just like people, every brand has their own voice. It’s important to specifically define the voice so that every verbal element sounds like it is coming from the same character.

Brand Identity: Colors, typefaces, and photography should all be defined and consistently used to make sure the brand is always visually communicating its character.  

Brand Name/Logo: Combining the character, voice and identity you can then start work on developing a name and logo. As the two pieces that will be used across every touchpoint, the name and logo should be considered a foundational element of the brand, rather than a marketing exercise.

Once you develop these four elements you’ll not only be able to develop a complete marketing campaign. You’ll be able to effectively weave the brand into the very fabric of the building and experience itself.  

That’s why these foundational elements will ideally be developed before you ever start design on the development. The more you can define these elements on the front end, the more likely your architect and your staff can integrate these elements into their work.

For example, if your brand character speaks to tranquility your architect may decide to include meditation spaces or a yoga room, while a brand character that emphasises adventure may include a rock climbing wall, mountain bike rentals or kayak storage. Textures, colors, lighting, staff uniforms, sales pitches, policies and more should all come from and reinforce the brand character.

Finally, the key to success is specificity. Have your brand character, voice and identity take a definitive position. Not only will it help you stand out in a crowded market, but it will greatly simplify your decision-making process. Instead of having to make arbitrary decisions based on a vague brand, you’ll be able to use your brand elements to ensure every decision you make is consistent and correct.

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