Creative Problem Solving

According to an IBM survey, 1,500 Chief Executive Officers from 60 countries and 33 industries worldwide believe that creativity is the most vital skill needed to successfully navigate our increasingly complex world. Why? Because every endeavor in life involves problem solving, and novel thinking is required and appreciated. Fogpilot uses research-driven assessments and proven methods to create and develop new ideas.



When design challenges start with a foggy front end, context needs clarifying, possible solutions need exploration, and, ideas, once prototyped and developed, must be crafted with care as they become a reality.

Knowing how (and when) to think divergently and convergently is a skill than can be developed. If various stages of this process are misunderstood, under appreciated, or skipped, problems are exacerbated and opportunities go unrealized. Wouldn’t we all benefit from a clearer understanding of how we prefer to solve problems more creatively?

With FourSight: Your Thinking Profile, attendees will review various lessons about the importance of creativity, and how it relates to innovation and creating new value, while learning about FourSight, a psychometric assessment of individual preferences related to the distinct stages of creative problem solving.

Attendees can expect to gain:

• Results from an easy-to-administer psychometric assessment, backed by over 20 years of research, that can be used to develop relationships with key executives, their teams, and organizations

• A greater appreciation of creativity and how it relates to innovation

• An overview of a four-stage creative problem solving process (CPS), including the importance of both divergent and convergent thinking

• A deeper appreciation of their team member’s preference for creative problem solving