Brand Design

Successful organizations use branding to share a unique point of view, while seeking to make meaningful connections with key stakeholders. Fogpilot offers a variety of collaborative workshops that help define the foundation of a successful brand.


brand design workshop


During this workshop, internal stakeholders will work with us to define key elements that drive the development of a brand’s identity, including:

A value proposition is a simple sentence (devoid of buzzwords and corporate mumbo jumbo) that crystallizes the strategic decisions an organization has made to deliver value. It should define an audience or user that has specific needs and desire, while placing the offering or service into a category for consideration. It will express itself in terms of benefits to the customer and draw distinction from alternatives. Lastly, it will clearly express the distinguishing advantage of what’s being

We select brands to interact much like other interpersonal connections. Brand become a part of lives, developing relationships with brands via experience. Defining how a brand will act helps to guide and strengthen that bond.

We experience the world through our senses. Faculties of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste create our reality. Tonality is the modulation of these inputs. By combining specific words, ones with a degree of tension that must be resolved, a brand identity takes on conceptual constraints that drives design decisions.

As emotional beings, we consume feelings as much a product or service. By combing elements of character and tonality, a successful brand will evoke emotional responses. Weak emotions create tenuous engagement. Ask yourself, “What are you doing to delight your customers?”